Red is the Rose -

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Red is the Rose

F Red is the rose that in Gm yonder garden Bb* grows.
F fair is the lily of the Bb* val- C ley C7
Bb* Clear are the F waters
that Gm flow in yonder Bb* stream.
But F my love is Bb* faier than C a- F ny.


1. Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows.
fair is the lily of the valley
Clear are the waters that flow in yonder stream.
But my love is faier than any.

2. Over the mountains and down in the glen.
To a little thatched cot in the valley
where thrush and linnet sing their ditty and their song.
And my love’s leaning over the halfdoor.

3. Down by the seashore on a cool summer’s eve with
the moon rising over the heather
moon it shown fair on her head of golden hair.
And she vowed she’d be my love forever.




80 / 100