Kentucky Bootlegger

1. Come all you booze-buyers if you want to hear
About the kind of booze they sell around here.
Made way back in the swamps and hills
Where there’s plenty of moonshine stills.

2. Some moonshiners make pretty good stuff
Bootleggers use it to mix it up.
He’ll make one gallon, well he’ll make two
If you don’t mind boys, he’ll get the best of you,

3. One drop will make a rabbit whip a fool dog
And a taste will make a rabbit whip a wild hog
It’ll make a toad spit in a black snake’s face
Make a hard shell preacher fall from grace,

4. A lamb will lay down with a lion
After drinking that old moonshine
So throw back your head and take a little drink
And for a week you won’t be able to think.

5. The moonshiners are getting mighty thick
And the bootleggers are getting mighty slick
If they keep on bagging, they better beware
They’ll be selling each other I do declare.

68 / 100