God Told Hezekiah

God Told Hezekiah, in a message from on high:
“Go set your house in order for you will surely die.”
He turned to the woll aweeping, oh, see the king in tears.
He got his business fixes all right, Got spared him fifteen years.
Little Black train is acoming. Get all your bus’ness right.
Go set your house in order, for the train may come tonight.

Go tell that ballroom lady, all filled with wordly pride
That a little black train is coming; get prepared to take a ride.
For the little black train and engine, caboose and baggage car,
And all the folks ariding got to stop at the jugdement bar.

Did you see that man in darkness, hid from the gospel light?
Did you hear him scream for mercy when the train come moving in sight?
The devil had him in shackles, wrapped around his soul so tight,
No time to fix his business when the train rolled in that night.

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