Fare Thee Well

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Fare Thee Well

Oh G fare thee C well, I D7 must be G gone C
And leave you Em here for a- Bm* while,
wher- C ever I G go, I A7 will D7 re- G turn
If C I go D7 ten thousand G miles, Em
If C I go, D7 ten thousand G miles


1. Oh fare thee well, I must be gone
And leave you here for awhile,
wherever I go, I will return
If I go ten thousand miles,
If I go, ten thousand miles.


2. Oh, ten thousand miles it is so far
To leave me here alone
Well, I may lie, lament and cry
And you’ll, you’ll not hear my mourn,
And you’ll, no you’ll, and you’ll not hear my mourn

3. Oh, the crow that is so black, my love
Will change his color white
If ever I should prove false to thee
The day, day will turn to night
Yes, the day, oh the day, yes the day will turn to night

4. Oh, the rivers never will run dry
For the rocks melt with the sun
I’ll never prove false to the boy I love
Till all, all these things be done
Till all, till all, till all these things be done