The Little Turtle Dove

1. O can’t you see yon little turtle dove
Sitting under the mulberry tree?
See how that she doth mourn for her true love:
And I shall mourn for thee, my dear,
And I shall mourn for thee.

2. O fare thee well, my little turtle dove,
And fare thee well for a-while;
But though I go I’ll surely come again,
If I go ten thousand mile, my dear,
If I go ten thousand mile.

3. Ten thousand mile is very far away,
For you to return to me,
You leave me here to lament, and well-a-day!
My tears you will not see, my love,
My tears you will not see.

4. The crow that’s black, my little turtle dove,
Shall change its colour white;
Before I’m false to the maiden I love,
The noon-day shall be night, my dear,
The noon-day shall be night.

5. The hills shall fly, my little turtle dove,
The roaring billows burn,
Before my heart shall suffer me to fail,
Or I a traitor turn, my dear,
Or I a traitor turn.