Sporting life blues

Sporting life blues

C I’m gettin’ tired of runnin’ C7 around,
Believe I’ll get F married, and I’ll settle[chord G# down
‘Cause this old C night life,
Athis mean old D7 sportin’ life, G7 it’s killin’ C me.



1. I’m gettin’ tired of runnin’around,
Believe I’ll get married, and I’ll settle down
Cause this old night life,
this mean old sportin’ life, it’s killin’ me.

2. I got a letter from my home,
all of my schoolmates, they are dead an’ gone
It’ll make you worry,
it’ll make you wonder ’bout days to come

3. My mother used to talk to me,
I was young and foolish, Brownie could not see
Now, I have no mother,
my sisters and my brothers, they don’t care for me

71 / 100