Remember me my dear

Remember me my dear

1. Remember me, my dear,
I humbly you require
for my request that loves you best
with faithful heart entire.
My heart shall rest within your breast.
Remember me, my dear.

2. Remember me, alas,
and let all rigour pass
that I may prove in you some love
to my joy and solace.
True love to move I most behove;
remember me, alas.

3. Remember me in pain
with unkindness near slain
that through delay of cruel way,
that in you does remain.
Remit I say, alas alway
remember me in pain.


4. Remember me, dear heart,
that of pains has my part.
Your words unkind sinks in my mind,
and does increase my smart.
Yet shall ye find me true and kind!
Remember me, dear heart.

5. Remember me in thrall,
ready when I do call,
with true intent I do consent
heart, mind, body and all.
Ne’er to repent, but rest content,
remember me in thrall.