Polly Vaughn

1. So come all you bold sportsmen
That carry a gun
For I will have you go home
By the light of the sun
For young Jimmy was a-fowling,
Was a-fowling alone
When he shot his own true-love
In the room of a swan.

2. So then first he went to her,
And found it was she
He was shaking and tremb-e-ling,
His eyes scarce could see
So now you are dead, love,
And your sorrows are o’er
Fare thee well, my dear Polly,
I shall see you no more.

3. Then home went young Jimmer
With his dog and his gun
Saying: Uncle, dear Uncle,
Have you heard what I’ve done?
Cur-sed be this old gunsmith
That made me this gun
For I’ve shot my own true-love
In the form of a swan.

4. Then out came bold Uncle
With his locks hanging gray
Saying, Jimmer, dear Jimmer,
Don’t you run away
Don’t you leave your own count-e-rie
Til the trail comes on
For you ne’er shall be hanged
For the crime you has done.

5. Now the trial came on and
Pretty Polly appeared
Saying, Uncle, dear Uncle,
Let Jimmy go clear
For my apron was wrapped round me
When he took me for a swan
And his poor heart lay bleeding
For Polly his own.