Johnie Scot

Johnie Scot

When Johnie Scot saw this big, broad letter,
It caused him for to smile,
But the very first line that he did read,
The tears run down for a while,
But the very first line he did read,
The tears run down for a while.

Away to old England I must go,
King Edwards has sent for me.
Up spoke young Jimmy Scot himself
As he sat by his knees:
Five hundred of my best brave men
Shall bear you company.

The very first town that they rode through,
The drums, the fifes, they played;
The very next town that they rode through,
The drums they beat all around.


They rode, they rode to King Edwards’s gate,
They dingled at the ring;
But who did he spy but his own sweetheart
And her footpage a-peeping down.

I can’t come down, dear Johnny, she says,
For Poppy has scolded me.
I’m forced to wear a ball and chain
Instead of ivory.

Is this young Jimmy Scot himself,
Or Jimmy Scotland’s king?
Or is the father of that bastard child
From Scotland just come in?

I’m not young Jimmy Scot,
Nor Jimmy Scotland’s king;
But I am young Johnie Scot himself
From Scotland just come in.

There’s a taveren in our town
That’s killed more lords than one,
And before the sun rises tomorrow morning
A dead man you shall be.

The taveren flew over young Johnie’s head
As swift as any bird:
He pierced the taveren to the heart
With the point of his broad sword.

He whipped King Edwards and all his men,
And the king he liked to have swung.
I’ll make your girl my gay lady
And her child the heir of my land.

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