Good Morning Pretty Maid

1. Good morning, pretty maid,
Where are you going?
To range these fields so fair,
There’s no man knowing,
I think too bold you are,
To range these fields so fair,
In danger everywhere,
Thou charming maiden.

2. A charming maid I am,
Sir, she replied.
Without any guile or care,
To no man tied;
My recreations are, to range
These fields so fair;
To take the pleasant air,
Thou boasting stranger.

3. A farmer’s son I am,
Your nighest neighbor,
Great store of wealth I have,
By honest labour;
So if you will agree,
Soon married we will be,
For I’m in love with thee,
Thou charming maiden.

4. A farmer’s wife must work,
Both late and early,
Like any foreign Turk,
Therefore believe me.
I don’t intend to be
A servant bound to thee.
To do thy drudgery,
Thou boasting stranger.