Flower Of Magherally

It was on a summer’s morning,
When flowers were ablooming, O
When meadows were adorning
And small birds sweetly tuning,O
I met my love near Banbridge Town,
My charming blooming Sally, O
And she is the crown of County Down,
The Flower of Magherally, O.

With admiration I did gaze
Upon this blooming maiden, O
Adam never was more struck
When he first saw Eve in Eden, O
Her skin was like the lily white
That grows in yonder valley, O
And I think I blest when I am nigh
The Flower of Magherally, O.

Her yellow hair in ringlets fell,
Her shoes were Spanish leather, O,
Her bonnet with blue ribbons strung,
Her scarlet scarf and feather, O.
Like Venus bright she did appear,
My charming blooming Sally, O.
And she is the girl that I love dear,
The Flower of Magherally, O.

An Irish lad although I be,
With neither wealth nor treasure, O
But yet I love my dearest dear,
I love her beyond measure, O.
If I’d all the wealth that is possessed
By the great Titharally, O;
I’d give it to her that I love best,
The Flower of Magherally, O.

But I hope the time will surely come,
When we’ll join hands together, O
It’s then I’ll take my darling home,
In spite of wind and weather, O.
And let them all say what they will,
And let them scowl and rally, O
For I shall wed the girl I love,
The Flower of Magherally, O.