Arabella Miller

Little Arabella Miller
found a woollycaterpillar.

First it crawled up on her mother,
then upon her baby brother.

They said, “Arabella Miller!”
“Take away that caterpillar!”

Little Arabella Miller
found a woolly caterpillar.


First it crawled upon her brother,
then upon her dear grandmother.

They said, “Arabella Miller!”
“How we love your caterpillar.”

The caterpillar ate and ate.
Lettuce on a pretty plate.
Caterpillar grew so well.
Caterpillar grew a shell.

Said little Arabella Miller,
“What happened to my Caterpillar?”

In his shell, he grew some more.
Bigger changes were in store.
In the shell, some wings did grow.
Pretty colors he will show.

Arabella Miller said, “Oh, my!”
“Look at how that thing can fly.”

Caterpillar is no more.
Moth or butterfly for sure.
Flew some more to test its wings.
Ready now to see new things.


Little Arabella Miller
waved “Good bye.” to caterpillar.