All in an Easter Garden

All Ain an Easter garden,
be- E fore the break of Aday.
An angel came from D heaven
and E rolled the stone a- Away.
When E Jesus’ friends came Aseeking,
with [chord b m*]myrrh and Aspices E rare.
They Afound the angels D at the door,
But E Jesus was not Athere.


1. All in an Easter garden,
Before the break of day,
An angel came from heaven
And rolled the stone away.
When Jesus’ friends came seeking,
With myrrh and spices rare,
They found the angels at the door,
But Jesus was not there.

2. All in an Easter garden,
Where water lilies bloom,
The angels gave their message
Beside an empty tomb:
“The Lord is here no longer,
Come, see where once he lay;
The Lord of life is risen indeed,
For this is Easter day.”