A Brisk Young Sailor

A Brisk Young Sailor

1. A brisk young sailor came courting me
Until he gained my liberty.
He stole my heart with free good will
And he’s got it now, but I love him still.

2. There is an ale house in yonder town
Where my love goes and he sits him down.
He takes some strange girl on his knees
And he tells her what he does not tell me.

3. Hard grief for me and I’ll tell you why,
Because that she has more gold than I.
her gold will waste, her beauty pass,
And she’ll come like me, a poor girl, at last.

4. I wish to God that my babe was born,
Sat smiling all on its father’s knee;
And I in my cold grave was lain
With the green grass growing all over me.

5. There is a bird all in yonder tree;
Some say he’s blind and he cannot see.
I wish it’d been the same by me
Before I’d gain’d my love’s company.

6. The greenest field it shall be my bed.
A flow’ry pillow shall rest my head,
The leaves which blow from tree to tree,
They shall be the coverlets over.

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